St John
US Virgin Island Beaches

Wonderful St John Beach Guide


Gallows Point (access from the water)
Frank Bay
Great Cruz Bay (The Westin)
Chocolate Hole
Hart Bay
Boatman Point (Monte Bay)
Klein Bay
Rendezvous Bay
Ditleff Point
Fish Bay
Cocoloba Beach
Reef Bay
Genti Bay


Salomon Bay Beach (Soloman Bay)
Honeymoon Bay
Caneel Bay
Hawksnest Bay
Gibney Beach
Denis Bay
Jumbie Bay
Trunk Bay
Peter Bay
Cinnamon Bay
Little Cinnamon
Big Maho Bay (Maho-by-the-Road)
Little Maho Bay (Maho Bay Camp)
Francis Bay
Mary’s Creek
Leinster Bay
Water Lemon Cay


Going to RAM’S HEAD

Johnson’s Bay
Friis Bay
John’s Folly
Nanny Point
Salt Pond
Drunk Bay
Ram’s Head
Kiddle Bay
Great Lameshur Bay
Lameshur Bay
Europa Bay

Going out EAST END

Brown Bay
Haulover Bay
Hansen Bay
Long Bay
Privateer Bay

Caneel Bay is the home of seven fabulous beaches at St. John's first resort established by Laurance Rockefeller in the 1950's. The public can hike to Honeymoon Beach or can check-in to become a guest of the main Caneel beach. The rest of the beaches are for the hotel guests. Caneel Beach is a premier location to spot hawksbill turtles! Visitors will also love the exquisite landscaping with plants from all over the world.

Trunk Bay is St. John's most famous and photographed beach! A $4 National Park facility use fee (collected from 8-4) enables the visitor to see Trunk Bay and Annaberg Ruins on a same-day pass. Trunk bay provides clean restrooms, showers, snackbar, gift shop, snorkel equipment rental, lifeguard protection and the island's only under-water snorkel trail! All other National Park beaches and trails are free.

At Francis Bay (on the left), you will find one of St. John's longest and most beautiful beaches. There are picnic tables, BBQ pits and outhouses for ammenities.  This is a perfect location for special family gatherings.  Breathtaking scenery awaits you as you gaze upon the shoreline and surrounding islands.  This is the perfect beach to unwind and relax the day away.  This area is also a popular bird watching area.

Maho Bay is to the right of Francis in the picture above. Right off the North Shore road it is an easy walk to the beach. There is a Blue building on the beach that has been rented out from the park for weddings and other celebrations.

Oppenheimer (or Gibney) beach on the left and Public Hawksnest on the right. Public Hawksnest has excellent snorkeling, picnic tables, changing rooms and is a favorite for families.

Jumbie Beach

Cinnamon Bay on the North Shore is the beach at the campgrounds. There is a restaurant, grocery store, showers and a spot to rent windsurfers.

After touring the historic Annaberg Ruins, taking a dip at Leinster Bay is heavenly. There are numerous sandy places to enter the bay along the washed-out road that takes you to the beach facing Waterlemon Cay (bottom left). Starfish, turtles, and spotted eagle rays are often encountered here. The back side of the island is one of the best snorkeling locations on St. John. For the adventurous, a hiking trail from Leinster Bay leads to the Moravian Church in Coral Bay.

Not any more
Haulover Beach is on the East End of the island and has excellent snorkeling on either side of the road.

Lamesure is on the South Shore at the end of the road past Salt Pond. There is a rough dirt road to get there so 4 wheel is helpful. The ruins are worth checking out and there are times you may see a deer on the beach.

Salt Pond (left) where salt is made and Drunk Bay (right) are short hikes off of Salt Pond Bay which is another beautiful white sandy beach.Rams Head (right - in the distance) is a longer hike but well worth it.

A five minute walk down a trail leads to Salt Pond Beach where excellent snorkeling and hiking await the adventurous.  The beach is usually secluded and has picnic tables, BBQ pits and an outhouse.  Facing the ocean, excellent snorkeling is found along the left side of the bay and around the first rock outcrops in the middle of the bay.  Dramatic hikes to the salt pond, Drunk Bay, and Ram's Head start at the end of the beach

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